NASA Spots The Wadjet Eye

Helix Nebula


News sources report that a pair of NASA space telescopes have captured a spectacular new photo of the Helix Nebula, a glowing celestial vision that resembles a giant cosmic eye.


Cosmic Eye? More like Wadjet Eye. The Helix Nebula (also known as NGC 7293) represents a dying star known as a planetary nebula.

The new picture, released Wednesday (Oct. 3), combines data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, which observes in long-wavelength infrared light, and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), which picked out the short-wavelength ultraviolet light coming from the object.


The Helix Nebula is located about 650 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Aquarius. It provides a sneak peak at the future of our own sun, which is expected to turn into a planetary nebula in about 5 billion years.


Planetary nebulas are stars around the size of the sun that have neared the ends of their lives and run out of hydrogen and helium fuel for fusion in their cores. At this point, they puff out their outer gaseous layers into glowing shells around them, and condense into small white dwarf stars.


Of course this is the mundane explanation from CBS online. For the mythical one check out Written in The Sky~ Rise of the Wadjet Witch.










Dark Star Astrology





I’d like to introduce you a very informative website and an extremely interesting couple.

Jamie and Marina Partridge set up business together in July 2009 before they had even physically met. Their first website was born out of a mutual love for the fixed stars and constellations (and an excuse to keep chatting to one another…) By December 2011 they had married and Darkstar Astrology was established, quickly becoming one of the worlds top Astrology sites. Due to family commitments they run Darkstar from opposite ends of the globe, spending half the year together, a modern day Persephone myth. While apart however, Marina and Jamies energies and passions are channeled into the Darkstar Astrology blog.



Their predictions are very scientific and calculated. They even break the sun signs into decans. For example with Leo you have

Leo decan 1 born Jul 23 to Aug 2.
Leo decan 2 born Aug 3 to 12.
Leo decan 3 born Aug 13 to 22.


They have special predictions for each group which make it feel very personalized and is spot on.


What drew me to the site was Jamie’s bio:

In my work I consider the Moon and its cycles to be as important as the Sun. I believe the world is out of balance and that the return of the sacred feminine is essential to humanity’s evolution as a species.


This fit in so perfectly with the research I was involved in for Written In The Sky. The energy of the Wadjet is feminine, transferred from Isis to the Wadjet to the Wadjet Witches.


There will be more on this in Book 2. But read Book 1 to get some background information.













Canadian Invasion~ Cast of Lost Girl Is In New York!

Lost Girl Cast Will Be In  New York City October 12 & 13







Ksenia Solo (Kenzi), Zoie Palmer (Lauren), and Rick Howland (Trick) will be visiting the city for New York Comic Con! Sadly we won’t be there because tickets are SOLD OUT but if you’re one of the lucky ones that have one– hug Trick for us.



~Fae-ppearances Below~


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th @ 6pm
J & R Music World is hosting a special in-store event, where lucky customers can purchase Season One on DVD or Blu-ray days before it is available in stores. Purchasing customers will have the opportunity to meet the cast, and with a DVD or Blu-ray purchase a chance to get an autograph from each of the cast as well. Special posters will also be handed out by event organizers. This in-store event will be held at J & R Music World’s store located (across from City Hall Park) at 23 Park Row in New York City. You can call the store at 1-212-238-9000, or visit their website for more information:

Meet the cast as they appear at this year’s New York Comic Con, held at the Javitz Center located at 655 West 34th Street in New York City. For more information about New York Comic Con, please visit their website:

    • LOST GIRL PANEL @ 10:45am Room to be announced – (check NYCC schedule)


    • LOST GIRL AUTOGRAPHS @ 4pm in the FUNimation Booth (#1610), please note that an *autograph ticket is required, and posters will be supplied for the signing limited to one per person.




    • SEASON ONE AND A SHIRT – Buy LOST GIRL Season One on either DVD or Blu-ray days before it will be available in retail stores, and receive a free Lost Girl t-shirt while supplies last!


  • AUTOGRAPH TICKETS – Customers that purchase LOST GIRL Season One Thursday and Friday from the booth, will also qualify to receive an autograph ticket while supplies last. If there are any remaining autograph tickets, they will be available on a first come, first serve basis Saturday morning at the FUNimation booth. Limit 1 per person. Please note that an autograph ticket only guarantees a place in line, and does not necessarily guarantee an autograph.


Goodbye To An Inspirational Person~ Little Mom




Last week I received a distressed text from a friend panicking because her October horoscope wasn’t available yet. This may sound like no big deal to you but it was her ASTROLOGY ZONE horoscope form Susan Miller. It was a very big deal. Susan Miller’s mother Little Mom passed away late September and the astrology had to take off for a few days to mourn.


We mourned with her. Little Mom taught Susan astrology and for that we are truly grateful. Without Susan’s spot on predictions these past few years . My friends wouldn’t haven’t stayed together, broken up, gotten engaged, moved to London, gotten pregnant or written their first novels. We basically owe a lot to her.


Little Mom inspired my interest in the stars which led to Written In The Sky and the story of Memphis and Luri. The creation of these characters’ lives has changed my own in so many ways. I’m so very thankful to Little Mom and Susan and I’m very sorry for her loss.







Visit Astrology Zone to see the beautiful tribute that Susan wrote for her mother.

Who Would You Cast As Memphis in Rise of The Wadjet Witch???

Meet Memphis The Wadjet Witch

Several readers have said they could see Rise of The Wadjet Witch as a movie trilogy. They offered a few suggestions on the cast. Let’s begin with Memphis!

Memphis grew up in foster care and never received love and support from her foster family. Her looks and her intelligence were often criticized but instead of falling into depression she rose above it. She is now a PhD candidate at an Ivy League University. The only weaknesses she has are for selfish men and smoking. The former is usually the cause of the latter.

Being a scientist she’s skeptical of anything without evidence, but since her field is astronomy she knows that there are things that are yet to be discovered. This is why she is willing to go see a hypnotherapist to cure her of her cravings for nicotine, and hopefully bad boys. Her session was successful. Maybe a little too much so because her senses are extremely heightened, so heightened she can predict the future.

She’s a girl’s gal and a loyal friend. It kills her to have to keep secrets from her Jill, her best friend since college. Jill is the closest thing to family that she has. They’ve been through so much.

For someone who grew up being given very little affection Memphis is very warm and generous. Instead of trying to win the lottery or start betting on horses she focuses on solving the Third-Eye murders of women all over New York City. The fact that her gorgeous new coworker is also investigating the case may be seen as incentive but she tries not to let it distract her. She maintains a pretty level head among all the paranormal change. She can attribute it to her childhood being filled with ups and downs. She can pretty much handle anything.

Only little does she know that she’s in for quite a ride; because her destiny is Written in the Sky.

~Who Should Play Her~

Kim has the exotic look that Memphis seems to have

Jessica Parker Kennedy already plays a witch on The Secret Circle

Zöe Kravitz earned her Sci-fi stripes on XMen

Mila Kunis is an interesting pic. She would bring a lot of light to the role.

Who would you cast as Memphis?


~More Wadjet~


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