Dark Star Astrology





I’d like to introduce you a very informative website and an extremely interesting couple.

Jamie and Marina Partridge set up business together in July 2009 before they had even physically met. Their first website was born out of a mutual love for the fixed stars and constellations (and an excuse to keep chatting to one another…) By December 2011 they had married and Darkstar Astrology was established, quickly becoming one of the worlds top Astrology sites. Due to family commitments they run Darkstar from opposite ends of the globe, spending half the year together, a modern day Persephone myth. While apart however, Marina and Jamies energies and passions are channeled into the Darkstar Astrology blog.



Their predictions are very scientific and calculated. They even break the sun signs into decans. For example with Leo you have

Leo decan 1 born Jul 23 to Aug 2.
Leo decan 2 born Aug 3 to 12.
Leo decan 3 born Aug 13 to 22.


They have special predictions for each group which make it feel very personalized and is spot on.


What drew me to the site was Jamie’s bio:

In my work I consider the Moon and its cycles to be as important as the Sun. I believe the world is out of balance and that the return of the sacred feminine is essential to humanity’s evolution as a species.


This fit in so perfectly with the research I was involved in for Written In The Sky. The energy of the Wadjet is feminine, transferred from Isis to the Wadjet to the Wadjet Witches.


There will be more on this in Book 2. But read Book 1 to get some background information.














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