Who Would You Cast As Memphis in Rise of The Wadjet Witch???

Meet Memphis The Wadjet Witch

Several readers have said they could see Rise of The Wadjet Witch as a movie trilogy. They offered a few suggestions on the cast. Let’s begin with Memphis!

Memphis grew up in foster care and never received love and support from her foster family. Her looks and her intelligence were often criticized but instead of falling into depression she rose above it. She is now a PhD candidate at an Ivy League University. The only weaknesses she has are for selfish men and smoking. The former is usually the cause of the latter.

Being a scientist she’s skeptical of anything without evidence, but since her field is astronomy she knows that there are things that are yet to be discovered. This is why she is willing to go see a hypnotherapist to cure her of her cravings for nicotine, and hopefully bad boys. Her session was successful. Maybe a little too much so because her senses are extremely heightened, so heightened she can predict the future.

She’s a girl’s gal and a loyal friend. It kills her to have to keep secrets from her Jill, her best friend since college. Jill is the closest thing to family that she has. They’ve been through so much.

For someone who grew up being given very little affection Memphis is very warm and generous. Instead of trying to win the lottery or start betting on horses she focuses on solving the Third-Eye murders of women all over New York City. The fact that her gorgeous new coworker is also investigating the case may be seen as incentive but she tries not to let it distract her. She maintains a pretty level head among all the paranormal change. She can attribute it to her childhood being filled with ups and downs. She can pretty much handle anything.

Only little does she know that she’s in for quite a ride; because her destiny is Written in the Sky.

~Who Should Play Her~

Kim has the exotic look that Memphis seems to have

Jessica Parker Kennedy already plays a witch on The Secret Circle

Zöe Kravitz earned her Sci-fi stripes on XMen

Mila Kunis is an interesting pic. She would bring a lot of light to the role.

Who would you cast as Memphis?


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